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5 Best Google AdSense Account Approval Tips

Getting Google AdSense account approval is one of the biggest problems for bloggers and internet marketers (oh yes for spammers too!) in India, Pakistan, China, and other countries. Google is getting more and more strict about AdSense account approval and hence people are not getting account approval.

One of the biggest issues comes when Google says your domain must be 6 months old to apply for AdSense. They also have other guidelines which you can access here.

Although you will find many websites, which sell AdSense accounts, most of these sites are bogus. Many of them create the account in an illegitimate manner and once you receive the account from these people, there is a high chance that it will be deactivated in the next few days.

But you don't have to worry. If you are a genuine person who has a decent website with good traffic (I mean genuine traffic), there is a way to get your application approved by Google AdSense.

Here I explain some of the AdSense approval tricks that work most of the time. Try either one and I'm sure you'll have your AdSense account in the next few days.


Let's check out the 5 tips one by one to get your AdSense account approved by Google.


One of the best and highly recommended ways is to create a good website. If you get approved and no one visits your website, your AdSense account is meaningless. It will not earn you any income.

You need to publish high-quality content on your website if you want to monetize your content. People visit your website for your content, not to make money from you. If you provide them with good content, your visitors will love it, share it and make a return visit for new content.

One of the best ideas is to build your website on the WordPress platform. If you already have a website, you should know what WordPress is. Over 25% of websites are built on WordPress alone. Create a better WordPress blog with regularly updated content, design it properly with sitemap and navigation, then submit it to Google AdSense. I'm sure you don't need to use the other cheats mentioned here for approval.


As I told you, you must have a 6-month-old domain in order to apply for an AdSense account, you can purchase an old or expired domain through various domain auction sites such as GoDaddy, Sedo, or NameCheap.

You can buy an expired domain for as little as $5. Then you can create a good WordPress blog on that domain, post good content regularly, and then apply for an AdSense account. This is another best tip to get your AdSense approval.


Initially, when Google started refusing AdSense applications for a new domain, BlogSpot was the sure way to get Google AdSense approval. Create a blog, write an article or two, apply for an AdSense account, and get approved, but that's no longer the case.

Now, Google takes all apps that come through the BlogSpot blog seriously, but there's still a trick for that. But you need to shell out around $10 for it. It's better than getting a fake AdSense account for $20 or more from the AdSense account vendor.

All you need to do is create a BlogSpot blog and purchase a domain from a blogger to use for your blog. Now your BlogSpot URL will be instead of Publish 5-7 good articles now and then submit your website for an AdSense account.

If you buy a domain name from, you don't have to make any settings to use your domain with BlogSpot, but if you already have a domain or are buying it from outside, you must follow the instructions mentioned here to point this domain to BlogSpot. Blog.

With Blogger, you have to pay $10 or more, but if you buy from another service provider like GoDaddy, you can buy it for less than $5 for the .info domain or using discount coupons.

This trick works most of the time, but if you don't get approval on the first try, write more useful articles and then apply. I am sure you will get approval in few attempts .


Revenue sharing website is the best trick to get Google AdSense approval. All you have to do is register an account on a revenue-sharing website and upload high-quality articles to these websites. You can use a site like HubPages to write the content. These are high-authority sites in the eyes of Google and if you write quality stuff, your sites will also get traffic. After a while, you can apply for an AdSense account, and chances are you will get approval on the first attempt.


This is not recommended, but this is also a tip for AdSense account approval. Many people sell an AdSense account on Fiverr for just $5.

Many of them use the same technique I mentioned about the fake account seller at the beginning, but there is a difference between these sellers and Fiverr.

The fees charged by AdSense account sellers are very high and you will not find any genuine customer reviews. If there are any testimonials on the website, it might be fake. But at Fiverr, you will get the service for just $5 and the reviews that Fiverr sellers get are from real customers only.

I don't want to recommend any Fiverr seller here. Just visit Fiverr and search with keywords like AdSense account or Google AdSense endorsement and you will find many sellers. Once the results are found, click on the Rating tab so that the sellers are sorted first with the highest rating. Hope you will get a genuine account this way.

So here are some of the best tips for Google AdSense account approval. I don't think, you won't get approval to use these tricks. Try them today!

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Share your thoughts and feedback on how you feel about these Google AdSense approval tips and what you recommend to others for it.