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Do you use AdSense? Earn +200% more with Ezoic

 I have been using the platform Ezoic for a while now to monetize et optimize the UX of my website Easytutoriel.

After ups and downs, I was able to get 3 times more income compared to ad management Google, and AdSense.

Ezoic is a platform certified by: Google and uses the #1 advertising network in the world "Google Ad Exchange" and many other premium networks supported outside of Google networks.

This platform is not just an ad network, already +3000 locations use it for optimizing income and user experience (Ux).

Through machine learning algorithms the system optimizes the user experience and thus optimizes the profitability over time (About 2 weeks).

For confidentiality reasons, I will not share my income with you, but if anyone wants to have an idea, they will contact me and I will tell them in detail how much I earned with AdSense and how much I earn now is actually more than 3 time

Ezoic offers integration through Ezoic's DNS servers or through Cloudflare.

I highly recommend switching to Ezoic mode because you won't believe me, I found this platform on YouTube.

Earn more with Ezoic (Google certified)

1. Revenue Optimization with Ezoic

As you have studied or read on the internet, Artificial intelligence is booming and the world is turned upside down by this new/old technology.

Unlike programming, Machine Learning which is a branch of IA another role is to learn the machine from the input data and then get output results without programming.

In short, in ML it is the machine that learns from data and not the other way around. When programming we give the " comprehension " machine ready.

So to get the best ad performance, the ML is the Ezoic learn from the behavior of thousands of users and then show them the right ad in the best place at the best time.

This is why advertising a site with Ezoic differs from user to user, everyone has their habits and preferences, and therefore the user experience adapts and everyone wins the user, the advertiser, and the site owner.

2. Optimization of the user experience

As I told you Ezoic uses IA and ML to optimize the user experience and thereby provide better profitability while also personalizing the UX from the time of the visit to the exit of the website.

Ezoic 's ads also change color to " match " the color of the site with different types of ads.

Also, no HTML code and theme editor are needed to insert the ads, most users use the Google Chrome extension to insert the ads. ads on the homepage, on the article page, and also on the archive pages without touching the PHP or WordPress theme.

If you use AdSense and like to use HTML code to insert ads it is always possible, I already do this on this site, it gives me more control over the number of paragraphs between ads and I can quickly disable all ads.

But according to a survey in the Facebook group, the majority of Ezoic users use the extension, so that's kind of the norm.

3. Free hosting, for life!

The Ezoic platform is hosted by the cloud giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) and all Ezoic sites can be hosted for free for life with no storage or bandwidth limits.

The only requirement to obtain this service is: Enable Ezoic Ads which are allowed by the internal team.

There is only a small problem of slowness on the admin side because the servers are located in the United States, but for the users, all you need to do is activate the CDN cache to serve your site quickly and get better results in the Core Web Vitality (Essential Web Signals).

4. LEAP or how to make your site fast!

LEAP is a free service offered to Ezoic users to optimize their websites and provide a better user experience.

Google has announced several changes to its search engine algorithm in recent years with the introduction of: Essential Web Signals (Core Web Vitality) :

  • LCP, for Greatest Substantive Paint (<2.5 = good)
  • IDF, for First input delay (<100ms = good)
  • CLS, for Cumulative Layout Shift  (<0.1 = good)

These statistics are calculated by users' browsers and reflect the average loading speed of the essential version of a website, we can speak of the content above the fold (above the fold).

LEAP gives you the ability to toggle these parameters on and off to optimize your website's performance in record time:

  • CSS: Optimize the loading of styles and fonts.
  • Images: Optimize the loading, service, and size of images.
  • Static asset cache policy: Cache static elements in your pages.
  • Pre-Connect: Speed ​​up the delivery of items to other servers.
  • Minify: Optimize the code by eliminating the attributes that are not needed for the files to run.
  • Script execution: Optimize the loading and execution of scripts and ads.
  • Content: Optimize loading of iframes.

5. How did I register?

Registration with Ezoic and the preparation can take between 3 days and 2 weeks, it all depends on you and the condition of your site.

If your site is already monetized by Google AdSense and you already have a Google Ad Manager account the process is much faster, especially if your site is already monetizing.
The procedure is much longer for beginners, Ezoic is recommended for those who have already tried AdSense and are not satisfied with the income.

In the end, I tell you very quickly that I will always be there to answer your questions, whether it be through comments or via email.