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Bithumb Cash Remittance and Using Bitcoin – 6 Beginners

By sending and using Bithumb Cash, I have written the last part of Bitcoin through the bithumb exchange.

If you are interested in trading additional services and security services such as deposit and withdrawal of Bithumb Cash and exchange preparation in the previous part, please refer to the previous article.

Search for Im Gyeom on Google Play .

1. Send Bithumb Cash

  • This is a service that allows you to transfer Bithumb's assets in Korean Won (KRW).
  • You can transfer not only won (KRW) you have, but also virtual assets by converting them into won.
  • When remittance, your holdings of won (KRW) will be deducted preferentially.You can register and change the order of deduction of your coins in My Page > Bithumb Cash Settings.
  • The amount transferred to Bithumb Cash will be deposited in Korean Won (KRW) upon cancellation.
  • You cannot transfer virtual assets within 24 hours after depositing KRW (KRW).
※ Integration status setting

– Integration: You can use 100% of your won + 90% of your coin assets.

– Won: You can only use 100% of the Won you have.

2. Using Bithumb Cash

  • Bithumb Cash is the amount of KRW (KRW) held by members + KRW (KRW) of virtual assets.
  • To use Bithumb Cash, you need to create a coin wallet address. (regardless of coin type)
  • If the wallet address is the old address, use is restricted, and a wallet address re-issuance is required.
  • Bithumb Cash received as a benefit can be paid after the first virtual asset transaction.
  • A separate fee may be charged when using the Bithumb Cash service.
  • The available Bithumb Cash is 90% of the Bithumb Cash you have. However, the measurement method for each service may be different.
  • Won (KRW) is depleted first, and the virtual assets with the largest amount of Won (KRW) are used up sequentially.
Barcode Payment
  • This is a service that allows easy payment through Bithumb APP barcodes at affiliates.
  • Items that cannot be purchased: Cigarettes, non-real courier services, gift certificates, lottery tickets, T-money charging services, etc. Use is restricted at some stores such as highway rest areas.
  • You must bring the purchased product and receipt for a refund, and a cash receipt can be issued at the store where you paid with the barcode.
  • You can check the usage of the payment history using the barcode number indicated in the Bithumb Cash usage history at the customer center below.

Online Mall

  • Available only to Bithumb members with Level 2 or higher certified.
  • Cancellation / return and other information can be found at the relevant shopping mall.
  • In case of cancellation/return, it will be refunded in Korean Won (KRW) to your Bithumb wallet.