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How to Block Facebook Ads in Chrome

 We are more than 2.85 billion users on Facebook, the number 2 social network (YouTube is number 1) in the world. Facebook is free because it shows ads to its users, so it is not free because user data and user attention is sold on this platform.

There's nothing more boring than Facebook video ads ...

We can't cancel, block, or ignore them...

The solution is in this tutorial!

Facebook Ads was launched in 2007, but Facebook has only started posting Publicite in its videos in recent years…

You can't ignore this kind of video ad, you can't watch a Facebook video without a Publicite that can last more than 10's boring! In this tutorial, you will discover the extension that allows you to use Facebook without ads.

Let's go!

Block Facebook Ads from A to Z

You can install the extension Facebook Ad Blocker from this link:

You just need to click on " Add to Chrome "

block video ad Facebook ad blocked for Facebook 1

Then click on " Add extension "

block video ad facebook ad blocked for facebook 2 extension add

And here is the result, a Facebook without ads!

Congratulations! You have successfully blocked ads on Facebook!