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How to Buy Bitcoin | Bitcoin Exchange Recommendation

 Today we are going to learn how to buy Bitcoin. If you read today's information, you will know not only how to buy Bitcoin, but also how to mine with your own computer. In fact, many people jump into Bitcoin, and the most important thing is the exchange.

Bitcoin Exchange Recommendation

1. Upbit

2. Bithumb

3. Coinone

How to Buy Bitcoin

The most important thing when starting a Bitcoin is an 'exchange'. With the recent Bitcoin boom, some people have lost hundreds or even tens of thousands of dollars after depositing money on a strange, unverified exchange. So please never trade on unnamed exchanges! Among the exchanges, the exchanges you should watch out for are:

  • Broad : Numerous exchanges with low trading volume that are not in the rankings
  • Consultation : A garbage exchange that mainly lists small, insolvent or worthless job coins.
  • Choi Hyup-eui : Not an exchange in the first place, but a place that mimics an exchange for the purpose of fraud. There are many cases of fort damage. As soon as you deposit, the money is not mine
  • For reference, I only use Upbit, Bithumb, and Coinone. These three exchanges are ranked 1st, 2nd and 3rd in trading volume.

1. Upbit

Upbit is a highly reliable exchange with the highest trading volume.

Bitcoin Exchange

It used to be IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, but recently it has been changed to K Bank, making deposits and withdrawals in won easier. In particular, it is easy to open an account online without having to visit anywhere.

Go to Upbit Homepage

For reference, like all other exchanges, Upbit has also introduced a 'Digital Asset Withdrawal Delay System'. If you deposit KRW, you can withdraw coins equal to the deposited value after 24 hours . (The KRW value of the coin asset is based on the market price at the time of withdrawal)

2. Bithumb

Bithumb has a trading volume comparable to Upbit.

Bitcoin Exchange Recommendation

It was created before Upbit, and it can be said to be the first of the Bitcoin exchanges. Bithumb allows deposits and withdrawals with Nonghyup bank accounts, so if you have an Nonghyup bank account, we recommend 'Bithumb'.

Go to Bithumb homepage

Bithumb also does not allow withdrawals for 24 hours after the first deposit, so please allow enough time for one day. If you want to trade quickly, or if you plan to operate multiple accounts, it is okay to use 'GoPax'.

3. Coinone

Coinone is an exchange with many benefits for new members. It is also reliable as it is the third highest trading volume after Upbit and Bithumb. A lot of recent events are held, and it is a reliable site, so please visit once.

Go to Coinone website

I am going to show you how to buy Bitcoin with Bithumb.

1. Access the Bithumb website ( ).

2. Click the 'Membership' button on the right and proceed with membership registration.

3. After that, the account will be linked. By the way, Bithumb supports only 'Nonghyup Bank', so please proceed with Nonghyup Bank.

4. When the account linkage is complete, deposit money into your linked account.

5. Now, select the bitcoin you want and proceed with the purchase, and you are done.

How to Buy Bitcoin Account

It's not as difficult as you think, right? Think of it like buying stocks. In addition to buying Bitcoin, there are also ways to mine Bitcoin . You can mine Bitcoin in a day with a simple computer, so it would be good to read the post below once.

Thank You.