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How to easily set up Bitcoin OTP with your mobile phone

 You may have seen an article stating that exchange hacking can cause damage when trading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin or Ripple (XRP). It is clear that cryptocurrency is a very secure asset based on blockchain technology, but it seems that the case of an exchange being hacked like this is a problem that has not been completely solved yet. So today, let's look at how to strengthen security by setting up OTP, which is a way to keep your virtual currency safe. I'm using Bithumb Exchange, and I'm going to learn how to set up OTP on mobile.

Now that you know how to buy Bitcoin, let's learn how to set up OTP very simply.

  • 1. Run the Bithumb Exchange application
  • 2. Click the top right ≡ shape
  • 3. Click My Page – Security Center
  • 4. Click on Use Google Authenticator for 2-channel authentication registration and confirm
  • 5. A QR code is automatically generated. Capture this screen ( Important! Use the captured QR code in step 7 below! )
  • 6. Install Google Authenticator App ( I am a Samsung phone user, so I installed it from the Play Store .)
  • 7. Run Google Authenticator – Start – Scan QR code ( Important! In my case, I captured the QR code in step 5 and sent it to my wife via Kakao Talk, and then scanned the screen of the wife with the camera in the OTP app. If you haven't been, please leave a comment ...! )
  • 8. Your account will be added and a 6 -digit temporary number will be created and you will remember this number
  • 9. Go to the Bithumb Exchange app - Enter the 4 - digit security password - ARS authentication - Enter the 6 -digit temporary number generated in step 8 into the Google Authenticator number - Change - Confirm

10. Done!

Today, I learned how to set an OTP number to protect my precious cryptocurrency. I explained it in a simple way, but if you don't understand, please leave a comment. I will try to answer you with all my heart. Then I wish all of you a successful investment, and we will wait until the day when Ripple goes up. thank you ^^