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What Do u Mean by Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing in Chinese means affiliate marketing / affiliate marketing, also known as affiliate marketing. So what exactly is affiliate marketing? How to make money through Affiliate Marketing? what do u mean by affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing's Marketing Model

Affiliate marketing is a marketing process in which affiliate members use various network marketing methods to obtain target groups and bring purchase conversions to merchants, and affiliate members obtain commission returns for this conversion. Simply put, just like in our real life, when you go to a supermarket or shopping mall, there will be shopping guides who recommend various products to you through promotions and other methods and make you finally complete the process of purchasing. This shopping guide is equivalent to affiliate marketing. The members of the alliance in , get a commission from the completion of the transaction process. In the online world, alliance members can find wider and more accurate target groups for merchants, so as to achieve better conversion effects, and ultimately both merchants and alliance members can achieve win-win results. In foreign countries, affiliate marketing has long been a very mature and effective marketing method.

Principles of Affiliate Marketing

As can be seen from the above figure, consumers come to your niche website ( niche website ) through search engines or social media, and then click on the affiliate link on your website to reach the merchant website to purchase products, and finally affiliate members can obtain the corresponding commission.

The Four Roles of Affiliate Marketing

1. Merchant

Merchant, commonly known as Advertiser in affiliate marketing. Many merchants will publish their own affiliate programs and attract affiliate members to join their affiliate programs by returning a certain percentage of commissions to promote their products or services. Merchants usually provide some product information to alliance members, such as: coupon code, promotional design banner, product map, etc. Today, most merchants use the PPS (Pay Per Sale) method to measure and pay alliance members, but some use the CPA (Cost Per Action) method. It depends on what product or service the merchant sells to decide which method to use.

2. Alliance members

Affiliates, some affiliate platforms are also called Publishers. Alliance members use various network marketing methods to obtain target traffic (ie, target customers), and bring the target group to the merchant's website to prompt consumers to make purchases. Affiliate members need to obtain certain target traffic through search engine optimization (SEO, Search Engine Optimization), paid advertising, social media, etc. Affiliate members will have their own specific affiliate link Affiliate link, and merchants use this link to determine and pay commissions to affiliate members.

3. Consumers

Customers, consumers play the most important role in the entire affiliate marketing, and are also the core issues that merchants and affiliate members pay the most attention to.

4. Affiliate Platform

Affiliate Network, also known as Affiliate Platform. It is a home base for affiliate programs for merchants and affiliate members. Merchants can publish their own affiliate projects there, and affiliate members can find the affiliate projects they want to do. There are many such platforms. The most familiar large-scale affiliate platforms are Amazon Associates, ShareASale , CJ Affiliate, Awin, Rakuten Marketing, ClickBank, etc.

Affiliate Marketing is a Win-Win Marketing Method

Regardless of whether you are a merchant or an affiliate member, affiliate marketing can be a good marketing method for yourself, especially in the current era of online shopping, more and more people like to buy products online. Alliance members can recommend their own products for themselves, not only to make profits but also to expand their popularity and enhance brand awareness.

As the cost of paid advertising continues to rise, many merchants now choose to use affiliate marketing to increase sales. Because the relative cost is highly controllable, merchants only pay commissions after real purchase conversions. If consumers do not To make a purchase, just browse the merchant's website, there is no need to pay a fee. But in the end, it still depends on which billing method the merchant uses to assess the commission of the affiliate members, such as CPM (Cost Per Mille) billing, that is, the affiliate member needs to pay the commission for every 1,000 people brought to the merchant's website, whether or not there is transform.

For affiliate members, they can not only get commissions for consumers to find high-quality products, but also turn their website into a valuable website. Don't underestimate the benefits that a website brings to you. Many people ask what kind of person is suitable for affiliate marketing, and the answer is anyone! Regardless of age, education, geography, you can be an excellent alliance member at any time, as long as you are willing to take the time to learn, and then practice, you will find that you will love this free job.

So both merchants and affiliate members can win-win in affiliate marketing.